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Killara Primary School took on the challenge to end childhood cancer last month with a team made up of 55 students and…

Posted by Great Cycle Challenge on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Team Killara

A huge thank you and recognition of acknowledgement to all the members of Team Killara in this year’s Great Cycle Challenge. We have done an amazing job at raising awareness for kids cancer and have so far been sponsored an incredible $10,000. We have until November 27th to collect all of our donations, and the final tally will be announced on this day. Please follow this link to see our stats or to donate: https://greatcyclechallenge.com.au/Teams/KillaraPS

P.S. Have you seen today’s Sunbury Leader? We’re famous!!



Cultures and Celebrations

We are having a wonderful time learning about Cultures and Celebrations this term. So far we have “travelled” around Australia and have learned facts about each of the states including the capital city and a landmark. We noted these facts in our passports which have now gone home, we hope they have been a great conversation starter at home.

Since then, we have worked with Miss Douglas’ class and a mixture of Buddies who helped us choose a country and research it. Together we made posters that included great information like, the flag, language, map and traditional dress. It was so much fun having our buddies help us find out all sorts of things about Japan, China, USA, Africa, Finland, Australia and many more places.

Next Friday we look forward to our Prep Cultural Rotation Day. We can’t wait to see what colours everyone comes dressed in to help represent a country of their interest. Each Prep class will rotate around the Prep rooms and learn about a different country/ culture. It will be so much fun!

Also, it has been great to have so many Home School Learning tasks returned, we have started sharing these in class and are finding some similarities and differences in our research. If you haven’t returned yours yet, please do so ASAP so we can all join in with the discussions.



With Halloween coming up this week, we did some free writing about this topic. Here are some of our ideas:

-Halloween is scary, fun and cool.

-Halloween is scary and fun to do. We dress up in scary clothes. I’m going to dress in a kitty cat, it’s going to be fun. So yes, I do like Halloween.

-On Halloween I am going trick or treating with my Mum. And I am going to dress up as a zombie, it’s going to be green.

-Three kids went Trick or Treating by the light of the moon… (unfinished)

-Once upon a time Tom went trick or treating but Tom was scared. His mother made him not scared and they had a happy ever after.

-Halloween is scary because I don’t like to go trick or treating.


I am so pleased to have so many people in Killara’s community being a part of this year’s Great Cycle Challenge.

Please remember there is still time to join up to this great cause of helping Kids Fight Cancer, it’s free, easy and good for you. It would be wonderful to have a good representation from our class, I know we have enlisted a few members, but there is always room for more!

Join at https://greatcyclechallenge.com.au/Teams/KillaraPS

Help us raise fund and awareness. Can we help make it to $2 million??12049153_688920034576144_4425099904527136478_n

What is Place Value?

Welcome back to school. It is our final term of Prep and we are working very hard in all learning areas, but right now we’d like to share what we have been doing in maths.

For the first two weeks back we have been focusing on place value which means being able to read and understand why number are written in special places. We have learnt about ones (singles), tens (bundles) and some hundreds and I must say we are getting pretty good at them!! To help us improve we have been rolling dice to see who can make the bigger number (e.g. rolling a 2 and 6 could make 26 or 62), using bundles and singles to represent numbers, matching bundles and singles quantities to their number and testing each other on number charts. It has been a lot of fun and we would love to share our knowledge with you. It’d be great if we could play some number games using dice, playing cards and icy-pole sticks to show you how good we are, for a bit more excitement make up your own games as a family.




















100 members or $2000 Challenge

I am very excited to have a school team riding this year. Please join us and help FIGHT KIDS CANCER!!

If we can get 100 members in the Killara PS team or raise $2000 by the start of October, I will ride along Phillip Drive each Thursday morning during October in a superhero outfit.

Join or sponsor us now 🙂

Walkathon 2015

We were so very lucky to have a nice overcast day for your annual Walkathon on Thursday 10th September. We all had a great time walking at least 3 laps of the school; it helped that we did some practice laps earlier in the week to build our persistence and confidence! It was great to see so many parents join in the fun,  complete some of the laps with us and join us while we ate our sausages and admired the frozen yoghurt.

It is now our job to collect the money from our sponsors. Many of us have already had our booklet signed and have taken it home again to collect the sponsors. If you still need your booklet signed or have misplaced yours please see Sarah asap.

Thank you to everyone who was involved and helped out on the day.

Great Cycle Challenge

You may have heard from Monday’s assembly, or from the very excited students in our class that the Great Cycle Challenge is coming up this October. I promised the class more information on our blog (you will find the same information in this week’s newsletter), so here it is…


The Great Cycle Challenge Australia is a wonderful initiative started in 2013 to help raise awareness and funds for Kids with Cancer. Right now, cancer is the largest killer of children from disease in Australia. Over 600 Australian children are diagnosed with cancer every year and sadly, 3 die every week. This year we are very excited to invite the entire Killara community to join us in the battle to help improve young people’s lives! There are 5 great features of this challenge:

1-It’s FREE to join with a FREE downloadable phone app to track your progress!

2- You can ride your push bike or scooter on any route you like. (Parents, spin bikes count as well.)

3- You set your own personal distance and fundraising goals.

4- You have the entire month of October to complete the challenge.

5- It’s FUN and good for you!

To participate go to https://greatcyclechallenge.com.au/, search “Killara PS”. You can either “Join our Team” and ride with us, or “Sponsor” our efforts. If you have any questions about this challenge please see Sarah. We hope you can join us on this exciting adventure, it’s going to be great!

Power of 3 about people in our school

Today we wrote power of three sentences about people in our school.


Rhys – Iris is beautiful, lovely and I like her.

Vaughan – Deacon is my friend, he wears blonde hair and I like him.

Reeve- Sarah has long hair, she is beautiful and she has a great jumper

Koda- Belinda is kind and beautiful and gorgeous.

Luka – Vaughan is cool, the best and he plays with me.

Sam – Ben is so nice and so so so cuddly and he’s my brother. Sarah is so beautiful and so so kind of like a rock star and plays with us.

Deacon –Briannah is cute, beautiful and my sister. Vaughan is kind, my friend and cute. Sarah is beautiful, cute and kind.

Olivia – Zoe has a beautiful hair and she has beautiful shoes and she has beautiful eyes.

Austin- Mr Clinkaberry is cool, the best and I like Mr Clinkaberry. Keeley is my friend, she is beautiful and I like Keeley.

Mia – Lucy is nice, my friend and she is kind. Belinda is kind, nice and a teacher. Koda is cool, wears glasses and a boy.

Iris- Jaeda is cute and nice and she is my friend.

Shayla- Sarah is nice and kind and tall.

Keeley – Andrew like to watch cats and goes to the AFL and likes Cam Guthrie.

Georgia- Olivia is beautiful, kind and my friend.

Keira- Lachlan has brown hair and has cool hair and he is my brother. Keira has brown hair she is a girl and she goes to school

Lucy – Mia is best friend, my best buddy and she is beautiful.

Cordelia – Lucy is happy, kind and she is my friend. Mia is awesome, has blue eyes and she’s my friend.


This Thursday is Killara’s Walkathon!

We are very excited and have already been practicing walking the route.

If you are a parent helper and would like to join us on our laps from 2pm, please speak to Sarah prior to Thursday afternoon.

Thank you.